About me

I am a partner and co-head of the firm’s regional Finance & Insurance practice group. I have been practising in the financial sector since 2007, including participating in the creation of several prominent and internationally recognised financial technology companies. At the same time, I am very passionate about venture capital and M&A transactions, and I am happy to be supporting the development of the startup environment in Latvia.

Professional highlights

Financial technologies. I gained recognition in the field of financial technology due to providing legal assistance for several years to internationally recognised financial technology companies such as Mintos, Nectaro, Twino, Eleving, DelfinGroup, Mobilly, Indexo, etc. At the same time, I have actively participated in the development of the financial technology sector in general, including by developing guidelines for the Latvian crowdfunding sector and lecturing on alternative financing methods at Turība University.

Regulated market. I have worked on licensing and compliance projects with several regulated market participants, including Indexo IPAS  third-pillar pension licence, SIA Provendi Asset Management AIFP alternative investment fund manager registration, Nectaro’s basic prospectus approval for ABS securities, and Eleving Finance 100-million-EUR bond issues. As a member of the board at Indexo Banka , I also participate in the process of bank licensing, which is a unique experience.

Non-bank financing. Since 2007, I have provided support to various non-bank credit service providers, including helping to establish the first online non-bank credit provider, SMS Credit. I have advised and supported prominent players such as DelfinGroup, Mogo, Primero Finance and Muiltitude Bank, both in developing new products and in dealing with the CRPC. Thanks to my participation, merchants have received four consumer credit licences and three credit intermediary licences.

Venture capital. For more than 12 years, I have provided support to both venture capital funds and business angels and startups raising this kind of capital. During this time, I have supported both local – FlyCap, Altum Kapitāla Fonds, Buildit and ZGI Capital– and foreign funds – Change Ventures, Innovestor and Presto Ventures. In order to develop the startup industry, I support industry cornerstones like TechChill and StartIN with my expertise.

Legislative initiatives I have been honoured to participate in the drafting and negotiation of a number of draft laws in areas such as consumer lending, AML, crowdfunding, securitisation and pension fund operations, so helping to improve the regulation of these sectors.

Academic background

University of Latvia, mag.iur. (lawyer’s qualification)

I am a member of

The Latvian Bar Association