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  • Latvia: ready to conquer the fintech sector

    Publication / Agneta Rumpa, Edvīns Draba, Jūlija Triščuka

    Things have finally changed in the Latvian financial sector, and the country is ready to make use of its potential in fintech. That is the current message from the government and from the Latvian financial supervisory authority, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC). These are welcome words from the market, which has, along with […]

  • Fintech Latvia Association: The pulse of FinTech industry in Latvia

    Publication / Agneta Rumpa, Edvīns Draba

    FinTech report – a look at the state of the country’s FinTech ecosystem, sharing key growth metrics and emerging trends. Our colleagues Agneta Rumpa and Edvīns Draba have shared some insights regarding the FinTech industry from the legal perspective. You can find full report HERE.

  • Changes to the Immigration Law for Russian and Belarusian citizens

    Publication / Natālija Šestakova, Jūlija Triščuka

    On 24 September 2022, amendments to the Immigration Law entered into force, changing the procedure for applying for and renewing long-term visas and residence permits for Russian and Belarusian citizens. The amendments were made in response to the war started by Russia in Ukraine, as well as the individual and economic sanctions applied by the […]

  • Issuing of Digital Nomad visas in Latvia

    Publication / Natālija Šestakova, Jūlija Triščuka, Aija Lasmane, Aina Okseņuka

    On 29 June 2022, amendments to the Immigration Law will enter into force, providing for the possibility for third-country nationals to receive the so-called Digital Nomad visa. This visa will be available to persons who are employed by an employer registered abroad or who are self-employed and carry out their work remotely, for example, providing […]

  • Relocating and employing Ukrainian citizens in Latvia

    Publication / Natālija Šestakova

    Work in Latvia Ukrainians, as well as persons, having a permanent residence permit in Ukraine arriving in Latvia will be able to work there practically immediately. Upon registration after arrival, Ukrainians will be able to start working in Latvia if they obtain a long-stay visa (issued for one year) and the right to employment (without […]

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