Sorainen ranks first among Baltic top tier law firms, according to the annual Kantar Prospera client satisfaction survey. We also hold the top position in Estonia and Lithuania, and second position in Latvia.

Sorainen has received the highest regional ranking in the following service criteria:

  • Strong reputation
  • Lawyers’ skills
  • Client understanding
  • Business mindedness
  • Strategic speaking partner
  • Personal contacts
  • Availability and service
  • Large projects
  • Project management
  • Project staffing
  • Quality across the Baltic region
  • International competence
  • Usage of digital tools

Clients have placed Sorainen in the top position for willingness to recommend. Moreover, Sorainen also tops the leaders’ list for best legal competence and best-known brand in each of the three countries, as well as in the Baltic summary report. Of the total of 15 legal areas that clients were asked about, Sorainen had the highest evaluation in 14 areas.

“No reason to hide – we are glad to receive high appraisals from our clients and market,” said Laimonas Skibarka, managing partner of Sorainen. “Have we reached our maximum? Definitely not. We will take a closer look at areas for improvement for each of our offices. And, even more, we want to keep a persistent focus on the approaches that have proved to work: hiring and developing the best talent, managing projects well and developing digital tools for efficiency – not to forget being empathetic and caring partners to our clients.”

Overall, the results speak of increasing client satisfaction with Baltic law firms. Respondents to the survey were willing to give the Baltic legal market heavyweights higher marks than a year ago, and this has continued a trend over recent years.

Survey respondents continue to emphasise lawyers’ skills, advisory abilities and project team capacity as the most important ingredients in the client care recipe. Clients have also become more demanding, as they evaluated most service-related aspects as more important than in 2021.

Source: Kantar Prospera Tier1 Law Firm Review

The Kantar Prospera Tier 1 Law Firm Review covers 300 Baltic-based organisations that spend at least EUR 15,000 annually on outside legal help. In total, 65% of the respondents are top executives and a third are company lawyers and heads of legal departments. Sorainen was taking part in this survey for the eighth time.