In the survey conducted by Instar, an employer branding agency, law students chose Sorainen as the most attractive private-sector employer in the legal field. More than 6,000 respondents took part in the survey this year, out of whom 2,647 were students.

The 5 most attractive employers for law students in 2023 (out of 264):

  1. Estonian Ministry of Justice
  2. Estonian Prosecutor’s Office
  3. Estonian Supreme Court
  4. Sorainen
  5. Lextal

The survey revealed that students want to work part-time with a certain employer (45% of respondents considered it important), they prefer a home office and work-from-anywhere option. The most important factor influencing career choice (very important for 85% of respondents) is equal and fair treatment of employees by the organization.

At Sorainen, students can work alongside their studies and choose their own workload. In addition, students can decide where and when they want to work.

56% of the students who participated in the survey want to develop into an acclaimed specialist in their field. At Sorainen, the professional development of all employees, including working students, is fully supported – trainings, a mentor that all new employees receive for their first year and the opportunity to learn from the leaders of their field by working with them on a daily basis, are offered.

On the Day of Attractive Employers, Estonian students rated AS LHV Pank as the most attractive employer in the overall category.