Twenty years for a person is usually not yet much to feel proud about – you have just hopefully emerged from teenage madness and finally start looking and behaving more mature and cause less of a headache to your parents. And you are mostly thinking about the future, not the past. Your ambitions? They have no limits. 

What about our firm in Latvia? Rather similar feelings. Yes, we have grown a lot from a few youngsters working in three-and-a-half rooms back in the early years to 60 colleagues in Riga today. From a very small firm to a market leader recognised locally and internationally. With the hard work of our colleagues and the trust of our clients we have earned our own place in the legal market. There has been a good deal of self-defining, learning and self-structuring, but after that we know very well where we stand and where we want to go. We have grown from being self-centred to dedicating ever more resources to educating young lawyers, to improving the legal environment and to other good causes. But do we feel at any point that the past is something to reflect about at length? Not at all – our thoughts and plans are only about the future – how to be an even better, value-adding help to our clients; how to be an even better employer, a better colleague to our large Sorainen family in other countries and how together we can even be better citizens for our country. So we hope that all the biggest accomplishments are yet to follow.

We are very, very thankful to all our clients and friends for the many wonderful moments we have shared together. Each of you has in your own way helped us to develop and provide an even better service with each assignment. Thank you for that!