Our team of taxation experts contributed to a WTS report on taxes and investments in Estonia. The document serves as a helpful textbook for investors and entrepreneurs. It has been designed with the purpose of having the most accurate overview of the tax situation in Estonia.

What topics are covered in the report?

The document is divided into eleven chapters:

  • Ways of doing business and legal forms of companies
  • Corporate taxation
  • Double Taxation Agreements
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Anti-Avoidance Measures
  • Taxation of individuals and social security contributions
  • Indirect taxes
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Land Tax
  • Other taxes one should know of

One can skip the wealth tax chapter. Wealth tax doesn’t exist in Estonia and, currently, there are no political signs that it will be implemented at least until next parliament elections.

Detailed analysis

The report brings out the key details of every Estonian tax that an investor or a company founder should be aware of. We are confident in recommending to every organization because we have been advising international and local organizations on all business law and tax issues involving the Baltic region since Sorainen’s establishment in 1995. Our experts specialize both in legal practice and business sectors.

Please find the full document here.

Our Team

Counsel Kärt Anna Maire Kelder and senior associate Verner Silm gave their insight on Estonian taxes.