Sorainen has received the highest ranking among top Baltic law firms, the coveted Gold medal of the Prospera client survey.






Source: Kantar Sifo

In clients’ eyes, Sorainen has the overall best legal competence and the best known brand in the Baltic market.



Sorainen’s strengths are our lawyers’ skills, client understanding, large projects and international competence. We also rank highest for our ethical standards and reputation. We could improve advisory, project staffing, service availability and project management.

Clients value skills and ethics

Looking at what law firm clients expect from their legal service providers, the things that actually improve the service directly such as legal skills and project staffing have always been priorities. However, ethics and integrity are also considered very important. Quality across the Baltic region and being at the forefront of digitalisation are gaining importance for law firm clients.

What is interesting is that the “industry mean” has changed very little in 2020 compared to last year on the Baltic level (even increasing a little in Estonia). This means that overall client satisfaction with law firms has not decreased with the corona situation, suggesting that lawyers have been able to maintain a good quality of service during a challenging year.

Sorainen founding partner Aku Sorainen noted that in general the Baltic legal market is highly sophisticated and professional, so it is great honour to be considered the leading law firm in 2020 by the large corporations who use legal services the most.

“The annual Prospera survey has provided us with great assistance in updating our own strategy,” Sorainen added. “When we decide to make changes, Prospera soon provides us with market feedback regarding those changes. We still have many areas where we need to improve even further and we are glad to have such clear market feedback regarding areas of development.”

Managing partner Laimonas Skibarka emphasised that client satisfaction is a long-term journey. “We have to earn it every day – with every call, meeting, e-mail, project or case,” Skibarka said.

Study covers over 300 organisations

The Baltic law firm survey covers 301 Baltic-based organisations that spend at least EUR 15,000 on outside legal help annually (EUR 5,000 in Latvia). About 60% of respondents are top executives and a third are company lawyers. Sorainen was taking part for the sixth time.

The Prospera “Tier 1 Law Firm Review” survey measures client satisfaction with law firms in the Baltic States as well as with law firms and banks in Scandinavia.

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