We advised Škoda in a public procurement conducted by Eesti Liinirongid (brand name Elron) for purchasing 6 trains with an additional option to buy 10 more trains in the coming years.

Modernisation of Estonian train fleet

‘‘The new trains will contribute greatly to increasing the environmental friendliness of our transport connections, and launching those trains will hopefully also alleviate the current load on one of the most popular railway lines in Estonia,’’ commented Merike Saks, chairman of the board at Elron.

The trains are two-system and therefore able to service the new electrified route, but also the older contact system routes. The new trains are part of the modernisation of the Estonian train fleet.

The six trains will cost 56.2 million euros in total, which includes the cost of building the trains, as well as the cost of providing a package of spare parts and materials for the first five years of working life for the trains.

Eesti Liinirongid is a state owned company organising railway transportation, including passenger transportation and the provision of other accompanying services as well as repairs of railway rolling stock.

Our services and client team

Our team helped to prepare a tender application for the qualification of Škoda in the procurement and afterwards, prepare a tender bid in the second phase of the procurement. We also advised the client during the conclusion of the contract.

The project involved a public procurement dispute in the early stages of the tender whereby we successfully represented the client in the Public Procurement Appeals Committee. As a result, the evaluation criterion of the public procurement were changed.

Our client team was led by the Head of our Public Procurement & Public Projects team, senior associate Kadri Härginen, and also included partner Carri Ginter, senior associate Kaido Künnapas and associates Gerli Helene Gritsenko and Mario Sõrm.

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