We advised Sunly City, a member of the Sunly Group, an energy company focused on renewable energy and cleantech innovation in the Baltics and the surrounding area, in implementing innovative business models for electricity consumers and in developing and drafting customer contracts for solar energy solutions.

Sunly City’s energy solutions have proven to be attractive – recently Sunly City signed its first customer agreement with Estanc to build a 100kw solar park on Estanc’s roof, allowing the plant to reduce their electricity consumption and CO2 footprint without investing in solar panel technology itself.

Innovative business model

Although the use of solar energy is widespread, Sunly City uses an innovative business model where the cost of the initial investment for the customer is non-existent. The customer can either rent solar panels or buy solar electricity from Sunly City solar panels installed in their territory.

“In cooperation, we use an innovative model where Sunly City invests for Estanc and builds a solar power plant at its own cost with a direct line that will deliver grid-free and environmentally friendly electricity to the plant,” comments Sunly City CEO Priit Lepasepp. The new solar park will enable the plant to save 54 tons of CO2 per year.

Our client team

The client was advised by our energy and infrastructure specialists senior associate Kaspar Endrikson and partner Kaupo Lepasepp.

More information – CEE Legal Matters.