Lithuanian Ministry of Justice has announced the start of the selection process for applicants to the position of judge at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).To initiate the national procedure, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, Ingrida Šimonytė, has formed a working group to carry out this selection. The working group comprises the best legal experts in the country, including Sorainen partner Kęstutis Švirinas.

The working group‘s task is to evaluate the applicants‘ documents and conduct selection interviews, in order to be able to present the candidacies of the three best-rated ECtHR judge candidates to the prime minister. After assessing the candidates, the prime minister will submit the list to the president, who will decree three candidates from the Republic of Lithuania.

Candidates provided by the state for the position of ECtHR judges must meet all the requirements set out for them. This includes being of high moral character, having the necessary qualifications, and possessing a good command of one of the official languages of the Council of Europe (English or French).