Airida Buzaitė



Lithuanian, English




About me

I am an associate with the firm‘s Employment team. I assist lawyers in advising local and international clients on employment law issues, as well as on migration and corporate law matters.

Professional highlights

Employment law. I provide consultations on various employment law issues, including individual and collective employment relations. I help companies solve issues related to the secondment of employees to Lithuania, and prepare and adapt documents to ensure compliance with Lithuanian laws. I also assist in resolving employee and termination management issues related to non-competes, confidentiality, and intellectual property protection. Additionally, I offer guidance on drafting salary, bonus, and other employee policies and individual agreements, reconciling international personnel policies with local legal requirements, and investigating complex employment-related situations.

Business law. My expertise extends to business law, where I help prepare contracts with corporate management and supervisory bodies. Additionally, I offer guidance on social responsibility matters, such as resolving complex employment disputes. This involves analysing the situation, preparing strategy and process documents, and developing effective solutions. Lastly, my accumulated experience and practical knowledge of business law are especially valued when drafting contracts with company managers and resolving related issues.

Migration law. In the area of migration law, I have experience in providing consultations on national visas and permits for temporary acquisition based on family, work and legal activities. I also offer guidance on the restoration of citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania.

Corporate law. In corporate law, I assist clients in preparing contracts with corporate management and supervisory bodies when establishing companies. I am also expanding my knowledge of corporate social responsibility.

Dispute resolution. Together with my team, I represent clients before state dispute resolution institutions such as employment dispute commissions and courts while resolving complex and large-scale disputes related to employment relations.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)