About me

I am a senior associate with the firm’s Real Estate & Construction team, working with a broad scale of legal issues – from structuring and managing sale and acquisition transactions, advising on various types of leases, to assisting in implementation of development decisions.

Professional highlights

Well-rounded expertise in real estate. I have worked with real estate transactions since the beginning of my professional career, which started at a notarial bureau, where the experience greatly contributed to developing my expertise in structuring mortgages and other types of security over real estate and movable property.

Business knowledge. Experience as an in-house lawyer has contributed to my knowledge of corporate, labour and financing law as well as understanding practical problems that businesses tackle on an everyday basis.

Understanding institutional processes. Having worked at the national FDI agency Invest Lithuania, where I was responsible for regulatory affairs as well as infrastructure and legal projects, I have a strong understanding of procedures in state and municipal institutions.

An amicable solution is the best. While structuring and negotiating transactions my aim is to foresee and eliminate any possibility that could lead to a potential conflict in the future.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)
  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (BA in Economics)