In the show notes are the details for the donations to help Ukraine. It’s important to catch up the situation within the war zone, and clear some questions hanging in the air.

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First, here are the details for the donations. Illya confirmed that these donations will safely go to the most pressing needs currently in Ukraine.

Second, I thought it’s important to catch up the situation within the war zone, so we all better understand what’s going on there, and clear some questions hanging in the air, like:

  • what are the most pressing needs now in Ukraine;
  • now donations in crypto might be totalling EUR ~100m – is this a good way of donating;
  • how might Russians and Ukrainians live in the same world after the war ends;
  • might the war expand to Europe;
  • are there good Russians still to have business with – where to draw the line;
  • is drinking a Latvian company-produced Solichnaya vodka a Russian business;
  • should we deny help to people and companies running away from the Putin regime;
  • how does the law firm and businesses in general function nowadays in Ukraine;
  • about the economics in general – what can be preserved and restored, and what is irreversibly damaged;
  • about the single tax regime of 2% of turnover (the only tax payable now by any businesses), if the turnover does not exceed a bit above EUR 300m, and is there a chance of having something like this permanently (I’ve always been hoping for such simplified tax system permanently, so I can finally go and do something more meaningful).