About me

As a senior associate with the Competition and Regulatory team, I practice intellectual property, information technology and advertising law. I admire intellectual property law’s deep connection to freedom, expression, and human rights. Thus, my expertise is focused upon the creators of all kinds—artists, scientists, programmers, and their industries.

Professional highlights

IP and IT law. I am well-versed in various intellectual property transfer/licensing, registration, prosecution, and litigation questions. My experience encompasses protecting all kinds of intellectual property, such as works of art, software, databases, trademarks, patents, etc.

Philosophy. I am not only a lawyer but also an academically trained philosopher! During a year at the University of Edinburgh, I not only developed a taste for Scottish haggis, neeps & tatties (especially during Burns Night) but also obtained a master’s diploma in philosophy with distinction. I extensively studied the philosophy of science and technology, as well as meta-ethical, phenomenological, and other philosophical questions. This knowledge helps me to see legal situations from a wider perspective, create and develop novel arguments, and adopt well-founded strategic decisions.

Macate v Lithuania case. As a landmark project, I can mention the Macate vs. Lithuania case before ECtHR, in which I represented the late Lithuanian author Neringa Dangvyde Macate, whose fairy-tale book was restricted in Lithuania as it depicted same-sex relationships. This case was heard by the Grand Chamber of ECtHR, and even an oral hearing was organised before it came to a decision. Ultimately, the ECtHR concluded that the author’s freedom of expression was violated by Lithuanian authorities. This made a Europe-wide impact as the court formed a precedent that, among other things, is relevant to understanding human rights and IP law.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)
  • The University of Edinburgh, Scotland (MA in Philosophy)
  • Center for International Intellectual Property Studies, France (Basic Training in European Patent Law)