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Konrad Rohde is a tax partner at DLA law firm in Frankfurt, Germany, for more than 10 years. Globally DLA has ~1500 partners and ~100 tax partners.

We spoke about:

  • Nordic Business Forum and some topics covered there,
  • charities,
  • global minimum taxation – it seems Germany does not expect more than EUR 20 mil. as a result of it and the compliance cost might be substantially higher,
  • DAC6 and how the tax structuring has changed,

‘if you call something a license from IP perspective doesn’t men it’s a license from tax perspective’

  • social media,
  • tax practice management principles, and if billing by an hour might change,

‘in order to have a successful tax team you need good seniors with at least 7-10 years’ experience on board’

  • collaboration between tax and legal teams,
  • some business development tips,

‘my experience with winning clients is – they must feel that you take their issue seriously’

  • a case DLA won at the European Court as a result of which foreign investment funds most likely will be able to recover large amounts of tax paid in Germany,

some predictions about the future of tax systems, AI and climate change