Lūcija Strauta


Status: on leave


Latvian, English





About me

As a lawyer with the Commercial & Regulatory practice group, I help clients with various regulatory matters, intellectual property issues and contracts.

Professional highlights

Regulatory matters. I work with licensing and other regulatory requirements across a wide range of areas, including telecommunications, technologies and media, civil aviation and transport, pharmaceuticals, food, alcoholic beverages and tobacco, gambling and advertising. A large part of my work is related to consumer protection issues.  

Copyright matters. I advise clients on various intellectual property issues, especially in the field of copyright. I help clients with the development of intellectual property contracts and licences, explaining the existing regulation, as well as with the protection of their rights and interests, in the event of a copyright infringement or dispute.

Different types of contracts. In addition to intellectual property agreements, I also work with franchise agreements, sale of goods and services agreements, online terms of use for mobile apps and websites, and other documents.

Academic background

University of Latvia, Latvia (LLB, LLM)

I am a member of

The Latvian Bar Association