A comprehensive e-learning platform iKnow was introduced to all our employees, allowing for efficient and personalised learning and access to world-class courses.

Personalised and efficient

It enables all newcomers to go through a four-week onboarding program at their own pace, and also offers an extensive range of courses to lawyers and business service teams at various levels of seniority, so they can develop professional skills at their own convenience.

Each Sorainen team member is assigned with a personalised Learning Journey, which contains short interactive courses used by major law firms worldwide on topics such as communication, networking, and working with clients.

Easy access via app

In addition to interactive courses, our people can also access recordings of various training courses and webinars organised by colleagues. For those who prefer to take advantage of iKnow while away from the office – for instance, to listen to a Sorainen webinar or take a short course on well-being during a walk in the park – a mobile app is a convenient solution.

Pioneers in the industry

To our knowledge, Sorainen is the first law firm in the Baltic region to have an e-learning platform offering world-class content to its people. We are happy that our teams have this opportunity to use high-quality learning tools on par with those provided by other leading European law firms.