In the survey of student job expectations and employer reputation conducted by Instar, an employer branding agency, law students chose Sorainen as the most attractive private-sector employer in the legal field.
The 3 most attractive employers for law students in 2021 (out of 242):
  1. Estonian Ministry of Justice
  2. Estonian Supreme Court
  3. Sorainen

We thank the students for the recognition and invite everyone to apply for the tenth season of the Sorainen Student Academy!

Expectations of 9000 students

Estonian students once again found the most attractive employer in Estonia to be Microsoft Estonia. According to a nationwide survey of university students, 50% of students wanted to work at Microsoft in 2021. The most preferred employer of experienced Estonian employees is the Estonian branch of Transferwise, where 59% of the respondents want to work. According to the students of Estonian vocational schools, the most attractive employer is the Police and Border Guard Board, where 52% of all students of vocational schools want to work.

According to Mait Palts, Director General of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the image of an organisation is extremely important in today’s labor market, because a successful employer engages future talent already before the job interview, as well as when making choices in the school. “In today’s workforce, where there is a shortage of both skilled workers and highly qualified professionals, it is worthwhile for a forward-looking company to strive for brand attractiveness. A strong image is also part of the value proposition highly valued by existing employees.”

In April-May 2021, the employer branding agency Instar conducted nationwide surveys of job expectations and employer reputation of higher education institutions, vocational schools, and experienced employees, which were answered by a total of 9,000 people. The survey was conducted for the 12th time.