Sorainen’s Estonian office was certified as a European Green Office. The review took place in mid-May, during which areas related to environmental activities were discussed, criteria were verified based on the European Green Office control questionnaire, and a tour of the office was carried out. The certificate is valid for three years and is a major development in recognising our commitment and efforts in the field of environmental sustainability.

What is a green office?

The objective of an environmentally friendly or green office is to constantly monitor and reduce the environmental impact of the office’s activities, which entails cost savings, sustainable use of natural resources, reduction of waste and making the working environment healthier. The green office system can be seen as a simple environmental management system. It defines the essential principles and criteria for the management of office activities and the functioning of environmental activities that offices must follow.

“We took part in reviewing our office’s environmental management and habits systemically, and mapping out the situation. It was also a logical follow-up step in our sustainability strategy and groundwork for the introduction of ISO 14001. Many of our green practices have been in use for a long time, for example, we do not use single-use dishes, we sort our waste, and we grow domestic strawberries and herbs that everyone can enjoy at lunchtime. Now all these claims have also been verified by the Estonian Association for Environmental Management,” said Elina Mizerova, one of the leaders of the project.

In addition to us, 54 other companies hold European Green Office certificates in Estonia, including AS Utilitas Tallinn, AS LHV Pank, Eesti Energia AS, etc. We are proud to be part of an inspiring and growing community that is dedicated both to environmental sustainability and to creating a more sustainable working environment for employees.

Thank you very much to Elina Mizerova, Getter Orav and Maarika Maripuu, who have been leading the way in our application process and have worked hard to get this recognition for us! Our office is extremely proud and grateful for this recognition!

Elina Mizerova ja Getter Orav
Elina Mizerova and Getter Orav
Sorainen Roheline Kontor
European Green Office certificate