We are celebrating the 25th work anniversary of our partner Toomas Prangli.

Having started at our firm as a trainee back in 1997, Toomas has built a meteoric career. Among other significant achievements, he led our office in Estonia as a country managing partner and acted as co-managing partner of the whole firm together with Laimonas Skibarka for several years. Toomas is a highly-regarded M&A and startups sector advisor and has helped clients close numerous complex M&A deals.

“Firstly, I think everybody should always keep searching. Never lose interest in trying to find something you haven’t found yet. Secondly, you should look at your colleagues and also lawyers working in other law firms as cooperation partners rather than competitors. There are so many things we can do together, in collaboration. In M&A and also in the Startups sector we have managed to build the whole practice and sector together with lawyers from various law firms. We have lobbied for better laws together and made templates together to make the investment climate better and help clients in their business. That keeps investments flowing into our region. Thirdly, I always try to see the bigger picture and create a system behind things. So, my advice to young lawyers starting their career is: be curious, try to collaborate rather than compete, and notice the bigger picture,” advises Toomas.

Watch a full 10-minute interview with him below to find out:

00:00 What has kept Toomas with Sorainen and at a legal career for 25 years and will most likely help him continue for another 25

04:51 Whether during the period he has ever felt tempted to try another career outside the firm

06:08 What he thinks are the most important things in a legal career to to keep in mind, and

08:30 What is the most embarrassing story that has happened to Toomas during his career at Sorainen

Interviewer: Iris Magnus

Video & editing: Kati Rohtla