Responding to increasing business needs for greater flexibility, Sorainen is launching an innovative ‘interim lawyer’ service designed to support in-house legal departments and growing companies that need to set up or strengthen their legal function. Sorainen is one of the first major law firms in Lithuania to offer this service, which in recent years has been gaining increasing popularity worldwide.

Research conducted by Sorainen has revealed the need for flexible solutions that would help companies handle a temporary increase in their legal workload. Interim lawyers (also internationally known as ‘on-demand lawyers’) can be used as a service when companies are experiencing work peaks during larger projects or simply need an extra pair of hands during a rapid growth phase or parental leave or other extended absence of their internal lawyers.

Service ensures significant time and cost savings

The interim lawyer service allows companies to bring in legal support on a project or assignment basis as soon as the need arises and change or stop using the service very swiftly. This ensures significant savings in time and costs and feature advantages such as enabling companies to skip the lengthy hiring process and count on much shorter onboarding time, with no off-boarding complications. Opting for an interim lawyer service also ensures that the lawyer providing the service is already equipped with the relevant legal expertise, sector knowledge and project management skills. The fixed cost of the service enables businesses to plan and secure their budget for extra help when needed. Further, interim lawyers represent Sorainen working standards and are guided by confidentiality and risk management guidelines, in that way preventing any trust-related concerns.

In-depth discussions with clients showed increased need for flexibility

Comments Laimonas Skibarka, managing partner of Sorainen: “We help clients succeed by providing exact solutions for their business needs. Increasingly often those needs go beyond the traditional law firm services. So, after analysing international market trends and conducting in-depth discussions with our clients, we have decided to offer this new flexible resourcing service to our clients ‒ starting with Lithuania. In our experience, it takes more to hire a new lawyer than to do the actual task, also, highly competent candidates are not interested in temporary assignments, so this is a niche where our service comes into play. The notable increase in remote working will also grow demand for this flexible solution both among clients as well as lawyers”.

New service to be put in action starting with Lithuania

The interim lawyer service will be easily adaptable to each company’s individual needs – the lawyer will be working on a client’s assignments for as many working days a week as required and either on-site or remotely. The client will also have the full freedom to decide how long support is needed. Based on tasks and projects Sorainen will match the client with the best suitable interim lawyer and arrange an introductory meeting. The lawyer will be fully prepared to support the company in a couple of weeks. The plan is that the first interim lawyers will start servicing clients in October. Sorainen is also considering the possibility of launching this service in the Latvian and Estonian markets in the future.