The Estonian Ministry of Defence has signed a proposal to develop a defence industrial park in Estonia for the production of various ammunition calibres. This move aims to boost European ammunition production capacity, enhance defence capabilities and support allies.

The production of munitions and weapons in Estonia was made possible only by an amendment to the Weapons Act. The need for certain additions and corrections to the law became apparent to create clarity for entrepreneurs and to introduce some fundamental changes.

To provide a comparative perspective on the foreign regulation of weapons and ammunition, at the request of the Ministry of Defence, Sorainen conducted an in-depth research project, analysing the laws governing the handling of weapons, ammunition and dual use-goods. Our team also analysed the issuance of licences for commercial activities related to items listed in the European Union’s Common Military List and the regulations concerning the transfer of ammunition or explosives among between EU member states. Additional focus was devoted to questions regarding defence and security procurement.

Our team

The Sorainen team consisted of senior associate Katrīne Pļaviņa-Mika, associate Diāna Adamoviča and assistant lawyer Sabīne Stirniņa.