On 7 October this year, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia organised a training for members of the cooperation network of the Anti-Fraud Coordination Service (AFCOS) – managers and experts at different levels of government. We were invited to provide and conduct these trainings within the framework of repeated cooperation.

AFCOS aims to promote effective cooperation and information exchange with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), which investigates fraud against the European Union (EU) budget, corruption and serious irregularities in EU institutions. The tasks of AFCOS also include the implementation of anti-fraud measures and the protection of EU financial interests, as part of which trainings are also organised in the field of protection of EU financial interests in connection with embezzlement of funds from the EU budget.

As part of the training, legal theory issues related to fraud with regards to EU financial resources were considered, and relevant cases of legal application practice were also examined and discussed during a joint discussion of the participants.

The training for AFCOS network members was provided and conducted by attorneys-at-law Dr.iur. Violeta Zeppa-Priedīte and Katrīna Salmgrieze, as well as associate Krista Niklase.