A competitor of Olympic Casino, a leading provider of casino entertainment in Latvia, applied for registration of the trade mark “Olimps Kazino”. Sorainen prepared and filed an opposition arguing that the trade mark conflicts with the earlier trade mark of Olympic Casino.

The Board of Appeal decided in favour of Olympic Casino Latvia and declared the trade mark “Olimps Kazino” invalid, as well as  agreeing with our position that the trade mark “Olympic Casino” is a well-known trade mark in Latvia.

Previously, the Board of Appeal had on many occasions ruled that trade marks incorporating the words Olympic Casino were invalid due to conflict with the famous symbols of the Olympic Games. Therefore with this decision our client has secured the value of its trade mark and business name, which cannot be disputed as being used in bad faith.

The client is being advised by senior associate, patent attorney Ieva Andersone and senior associate Andris Tauriòš.