We assisted the circular economy startup FudLoop on a number of legal issues concerning their daily operations. FudLoop manages a food locker in the Tallinn Central Market and is dedicated to reducing food waste.

A novel system of food lockers

FudLoop’s operations are based on a unique format: people register as users of the food locker and can thereafter take food out of the locker, or share excess food with others. Anyone can register as a user.

As of now, the company has opened its first food locker in Tallinn at Keldrimäe 9, at the main building of the Tallinn Central Market. Currently, more than 2,500 people have registered as users and 40 volunteers work with the startup. FudLoop aims to expand the network of food lockers both in Tallinn and, in the longer perspective, also abroad.

Growth in focus

„Our goal is to first grow volumes and expand the service in Tallinn,” Tarmo Seliste, founder and CEO of FudLoop, said. „We see in our daily work that an increasing number of companies and families seek to reduce food waste. Today, we offer the best solution for redistributing food, aided by our smooth logistics and redistribution system. We have begun preparations to expand our services outside Estonia, and we hope to share news about it as soon as next year.”

Estonian leading newspaper Eesti Ekspress, which ran a feature story on how the food locker at the market operates, reported in September that since March, owing to FudLoop’s activities, 15 tonnes of food has reached people in need instead of getting dumped. Every year, an estimated 84,000 tonnes of edible food is thrown out in Estonia.

Our services and client team

We helped FudLoop draft the terms of service and privacy policy, as well as communicate with the Agriculture and Food Board of Estonia.

The client was advised by senior associate Kirsi Johanna Koistinen, supported by associates Vladislav Leiri and Liisa Maria Kuuskmaa.

We advised FudLoop pro bono as part of our Shared Mission 2022 program. Through the project, every year, we give 100 000 EUR worth of free legal advice to innovative projects that help the community.