On 13 May 2021, VSIA Rīgas cirks and Aidaco Group entered into a contract to reconstruct the building of Rīgas cirks (Riga Circus). Contract value: EUR 3,201,364.43 + VAT.


The project is vital because it involves reconstructing an architectural monument of national significance (namely, the historically significant and unique Rīgas cirks building). These works will notably improve the architectural landscape of the historic centre of Riga.

The main operations of the project are related to raising the energy efficiency of the circus building: insulation of the attic flooring and dome, installation of a centralised ventilation system, insulation of the façade walls towards the yard, replacement of the existing windows and doors, reconstruction and modernisation of the heating system and heating unit, and renovation and upgrading of the power supply system.

More about the project: http://cirks.lv/parmums/cirka-rekonstrukcija

Parties’ comments on the contract: https://www.lsm.lv/raksts/kultura/kulturtelpa/rigas-cirka-ekas-parbuvei-noslegts-ligums-par-32-miljoniem-eiro.a404887/

Our assistance and team

Our team – partner Lelde Laviņa, senior associate Jorens Jaunozols and counsel Raivo Raudzeps – were really honoured to help the client (VSIA “Rīgas cirks”). We addressed issues of procurement (among other tasks, we advised the client on the development of the procurement documentation, and provided assistance in drafting answers to candidates’ questions during the procurement procedure) and construction (including by drafting the construction contract and related contract collateral), as well as assisting in preparing answers to the candidates’ questions during the procurement procedure.