We successfully represented Valerij Stankevič, a candidate for the Vilnius City Municipal Council, in a dispute with Lithuania’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC). The court found in favour of our client and revoked the CEC decision to exclude a legally elected person from Vilnius City Municipal Council.

CAC decision that was appealed

CEC revoked Valerij Stankevič’s registration at the Vilnius City Municipal Council based on its decision to declare invalid priority votes that were cast for the candidate. This resulted in removing the Vilnius City Municipal Council member mandate from Valerij Stankevič.

The court upheld our client’s claim to the full extent

We appealed against the CAC decision before Lithuania’s Supreme Administrative Court, which examined the dispute as a matter of urgency and upheld our client’s claim to the full extent. The court ruled that the CAC had no legal basis to declare that a serious violation of the Law on Elections to Municipal Councils of the Republic of Lithuania had been committed and revoked the CAC decision.

Our team representing the client

Attorneys-at-law Darius Raulušaitis and Jurgita Karvelė represented the client in court.