We advised streaming platform Fairmus on its merger with fan experience startup Fanvestory. As a result of the merger, Fanvestory will become a partner of Fairmus, and Fairmus will start using Fanvestory’s technology.

Benefits both artists and fans

According to Fairmus co-founder and CEO Reigo Ahven, Fairmus and Fanvestory are united by the idea of bringing a breath of fresh air to the music industry. “Fanvestory allows music fans to better connect with their favourite artists and help them succeed. Fairmus also stands for the principle that fans should more easily be able to find their way to their favourites. When a fan listens to music on Fairmus, they directly contribute to their favourite artist, because Fairmus is the only platform where the money of a paying user is shared only among the artists they actually listen to,” explains Ahven.

Support to the sector

In addition to a digital music library, Fairmus users have the opportunity to help artists create new music, in a similar way to Hooandja, and to enjoy the fact that listening to recorded music no longer means being simply a passive receiver.

Fanvestory users will receive a special offer during April regarding the use of Fairmus. According to the Fanvestory website, 1,848 fans gave EUR 81,000 through the company to finance a total of 14 projects

Our team and services

We advised Fairmus throughout the merger process, including on the preparation of the necessary documents and the negotiation of terms.

Our client team was led by senior associates Mirell Prosa and Robin Teever, supported by associate Vladislav Leiri.

In the past, we have helped Farimus in making the payment model for the music streaming service more transparent, thereby creating an opportunity for musicians to earn fair remuneration for their creations – more information.