Our team is consistently involved in the major energy transactions taking place in the region – in oil, gas, electricity, heating and nuclear power – advising companies, investors and developers and providing a full range of energy law and regulatory services at both the domestic and international level. No matter how complex the agreements or regulatory issues are, our energy law experts enjoy a good challenge, and they are supported by our integrated network and the in-depth knowledge its members have in the areas of dispute resolution, regulatory, competition law, environmental law and M&A.

We can help you with

  • Energy project development (eg electricity, gas and heating power plant planning; construction and modernisation; grid connections; storage facilities)
  • Environmental regulation (eg environmental impact assessments; negotiations with state and municipal authorities, and with local communities)
  • Energy project financing (PPP and concessions)
  • Compliance and regulatory issues (licences, permits, specific regulations, anti-bribery regulations, trade compliance, development of compliance programmes)
  • Management and operation of energy sector companies (corporate matters, employment issues)
  • Public procurement in the energy industry
  • Tax and customs, social security
  • Competition law (eg prohibited agreements, abuse of dominant position, cartel investigations)
  • Price and tariff approval
  • Supply and network agreements
  • Energy dispute resolution
  • Protection of investments
  • Emissions trading
  • Renewable energy

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