About me

I have knowledge and experience of real estate and construction law, the rapidly developing field of renewable energy law, and dispute resolution. I provide real estate legal due diligence, including analysis of future real estate development opportunities; and assist in real estate transfer deals and other agreements related to the use, maintenance and management of real estate. I also represent clients during real estate and construction dispute resolution, including in pre-trial negotiations and representation at state courts and arbitration institutions. I provide risk assessment and legal opinions on various legal matters related to real estate and develop practical solutions to achieve clients’ objectives.

Professional highlights

Understanding the sector. Before joining Sorainen, I spent 12 years working in the law office with one of the most recognised experts in real estate in Latvia, which was a great honour and a unique experience. I had an opportunity to get in-depth academic experience and understanding of real estate regulation, which was accompanied by good litigation practice in the same field. The experience and knowledge I have obtained helps me to provide competent advice to clients and come up with effective and often non-standard solutions.

Challenges for the real estate industry. My legal practice is mostly devoted to examination of real estate and energy projects during the legal due diligence process; and assistance with real estate transfer deals, leases, construction rights and other property rights. I also provide risk assessment in existing and potential real estate and construction disputes, as well as representing clients in court. And I am always excited about providing solutions for real estate development opportunities.

Mission. My mission is to provide the client with the best experience in dealing with legal matters related to real estate and construction, and to provide effective solutions to achieve their aim within the framework of applicable law.

Academic background

  • University of Latvia, Latvia (LLB, LLM)

I am a member of

  • Member of the Latvian Bar Association