Our firm helps international and local companies specialising in waste, oil, biomass, water supply or other utilities in their interactions with suppliers, customers and regulators. We like to do our part to make sure that water keeps flowing, sewage is properly treated and the recycling process works as intended.

We can help you with

  • Utilities project development (eg power and CHP plant planning; construction and modernisation; grid connections; storage facilities)
  • Environmental regulation (eg environmental impact assessments; negotiations with state and municipal authorities, and with local communities)
  • Utilities project financing (PPP and concessions)
  • Compliance and regulatory issues (licences, permits, specific regulations, anti-bribery regulations, trade compliance, development of compliance programmes)
  • Management and operation of utilities sector companies (corporate matters, employment issues)
  • Public procurement in the utilities industry
  • Tax and customs, social security
  • Competition law (eg prohibited agreements, abuse of dominant position, cartel investigations)
  • Price and tariff approval
  • Supply and network agreements
  • Utilities dispute resolution
  • Protection of investments
  • Emissions trading
  • Renewable energy

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