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  • IP can be a pivotal asset for your company

    Video / Helery Maidlas

    Copyrights are your shield, safeguarding original masterpieces expressed in a tangible form. But here’s a twist – not all invaluable know-how put to paper falls strictly under copyright protection. Some treasures are better kept as trade secrets, shrouded in confidentiality agreements for an extra layer of security. Embrace the art of crafting copyright strategies tailored […]

  • Wind Energy Academy webinar #1: An Introduction to Wind Farm Development in Latvia

    Video / Viktorija Cherkas

    Latvia’s wind energy potential is significant, both for onshore and offshore, but the country is lagging behind its neighbors and others. Only 137.4 MW of capacity have been installed, with wind farm projects taking too long to build. The webinar series “Wind Energy Academy: Latvia” organised by the Latvian Wind Energy Association and law firm Sorainen aims to explain and clarify […]

  • Taxation of stock options in Europe

    Video / Dr Kaido Künnapas

    How stock options are taxed in various European countries and how to manage international workforces? Learn all about it from a webinar, delivered by tax expert Kaido Künnapas, partner of Sorainen, and Elo Madiste, Global Tax Expert at Salto X. If you are interested in specific topics, click on the relevant timestamps below: 03:38 What […]

  • Webinar: Merger control, FDI and foreign subsidies filings in the Baltics

    In the webinar, our competition law and mergers & acquisitions experts cover foreign investment and merger control filings in the Baltics and the latest developments in the regulatory environment; zoom in on how merger control is maturing in the Baltics and whether it is causing any new headaches for transaction parties; and discuss if the […]

  • ESG Talks3: Carbon Footprint


    Tiina Pajula from Afry explains about  climate change and carbon at corporations:  Megatrends and drivers Climate and carbon as a part of wider strategic (ESG) frames at companies Industry sector and company volunteer initiatives What could (Baltic) companies do to enhance their “carbon actions”? Key takeaways  

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