Check out our fourth regional webinar in the series “Helping clients succeed in the ESG transition” organised by Sorainen. This time we focused on greening the construction sector.

Sorainen experts, as well as guest speakers, delved into the topic from different angles and covered:

  1. An overview of the ESG landscape in the construction industry;
  2. Spotlighting on sector’s carbon footprint, as well as the urgency of renovation, and the hurdles in securing funding for sustainable building projects;
  3. Sustainability agenda in Linstow Baltic’s general business practice as well as learning points from BREEAM certification.

Our speakers included:

The recording should not be missed by investors, sustainability executives, legal and compliance experts or anyone following developments in pan-Baltic construction and real estate markets.

Audio format is available on the podcast platform.

Webinar recording is available on our Youtube channel.

See the “Green construction legislation: opportunities & challenges” presentation by Elina Mizerova and Simonas Šlitas, Associates with Sorainenhere.

See the “Climate change and construction sector: how to reduce the carbon footprint?” presentation by Nora Marija Laurinaitytė, Green Finance Expert at The Green Finance Institute at INVEGA (Lithuania)here.

See the “Linstow Baltic sustainability agenda – experience and learning points” presentation by Andis Kublačovs, Project development and sustainability director at Linstow Baltic (Latvia), here.

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