On a pro bono basis through our 2022 Shared Mission program, we assisted the green-tech startup Filaret on various legal issues concerning their daily operations. Filaret collects and upcycles cigarette butt waste into a sustainable, compostable and nature-friendly 3D printing filament.

Innovative approach

Filaret organises the collection of cigarette butt waste by renting and selling their branded cigarette bins as well as collecting cigarette butts from partners and individuals who want to contribute to their upcycling process.

Once collected, they separate the filter part from cigarette butts, detoxify and wash it, mix in additives and other nature-friendly polymers and melt it all together to produce compostable plastic granules. These are then turned into 3D printing material aka filament (a string of plastic used for creating 3D objects via 3D printing).

Global ambitions

Filaret’s mission is to make sustainable, upcycled waste materials a global norm in the 3D printing industry.

Although initially focusing on Estonia, Filaret is also exploring opportunities to move abroad, with the aim of having as much impact as possible on solving the cigarette butt littering problem globally, while bringing an environmentally friendly, compostable and good-performing printing material to the world of 3D printing materials.

Our services and client team

We helped Filaret draft contracts for renting and selling their innovative cigarette bins.

Filaret was advised by senior associate Olivia Kranich, supported by associates Vladislav Leiri and Helery Maidlas.

We advised Filaret on a pro bono basis, as part of our Shared Mission program for the year 2022, through which we provide EUR 100,000 worth of free legal and tax advice to companies and initiatives that aim to do good in local and global communities in an innovative way.