We are advising the international energy company Respect Energy Holding on obtaining a building permit for the Tuulispea Offshore project, which aims to establish an offshore wind farm in the economic zone off the coast of Saaremaa. The offshore floating wind farm with a total capacity of up to 820 MW is expected to be operational in 2032 and produce 3.75 TWh of energy annually. In addition to the wind farm, Tuulispea Offshore includes an innovative floating foundation pilot project, whose technology allows onsite production of hydrogen or ammonia from wind energy.

Contribution to an environmentally sustainable project

“What makes the project special is the developer’s significant investment in research and development. In collaboration with local companies and TalTech, an innovative floating wind turbine is being created, which is less environmentally burdensome as it does not disturb the natural environment of the seabed. Since the wind park will be located far away from the western coast of Saaremaa, it will not have a negative impact on the island’s residents or coastline. The people of Saaremaa have a lot to gain from the facility because the wind farm will utilise the services of residents, ports and other businesses. It has been exciting to help the client think around the legal issues associated with establishing this innovative floating wind park,” comments our real estate, construction, zoning and planning expert Sanda Mikli.

Tuulispea Offshore will allow for an increase in the share of renewable energy in the local energy mix, enabling Estonia to improve its energy security and environmental sustainability. The Tuulispea Offshore project will be developed by Respect Energy Holding together with BaltiConnect, a professional offshore project development company, and in partnership with Estonian counterparts LTH-Baas, Port of Tallinn and Taltech.

Sustainable development

As part of Tuulispea Offshore, special focus will be placed on ensuring project sustainability by providing special care for environmental, social and corporate elements (ESG). Additionally, as a measure of sustainability related to responsible consumption and production, the aim will be to reach the highest possible level of waste reduction, material recovery and recycling throughout the life cycle of the project. Local research entities will also be consulted to make the project as positive as possible from the marine ecosystem point of view.

Environmental surveys and a monitoring programme allowing assessment of the environmental conditions in the Wind Energy Innovation Area will enable the implementation of an offshore wind farm with no or minimal negative environmental impact. The Tuulispea Offshore project is fully consistent with the objectives presented in the Maritime Spatial Plan adopted by the Estonian government in May 2022 and with the long-term vision for the Estonian marine area.

Floating offshore turbines – the future of the wind energy industry

Respect Energy Holding is an international company based in Warsaw with entirely Polish capital, a leading market position in Poland, and a presence in most European energy markets. The company implements renewable energy projects in 24 markets around the world, and its energy is sourced from the more than 600 generators it works with. Respect Energy Holding also invests in green energy infrastructure, including the world’s largest offshore wind farm off the coast of Australia and wind and solar farms in Poland.

“Thanks to its unique technology, floating offshore turbines will represent the future of the offshore wind energy industry in the upcoming years. After announcing our plans to invest in the world’s largest offshore wind farm in Australia, Respect Energy Holding is glad to present another big offshore project. We have already received preliminary connection conditions and signed cooperation agreements with partners from Estonia, which will allow us to set up a local supply chain,” emphasises Sebastian Jabłoński, chairman of the board at Respect Energy Holding.

Our services and client team

We are advising Respect Energy Holding on construction, zoning and planning, environmental and corporate law matters as well as legal issues related to the building permit procedure. Our client team is led by senior associate Sandra Mikli and supported by partner Paul Künnap and associate Elina Mizerova.