We consulted the VEFRESH association, which combines leading technology businesses regarding options to establish an urban smart solution testing area in the VEF district.

VEFRESH Association

This movement has brought together Latvian companies to jointly promote innovation development in the historical VEF district and its surrounds. The VEF area will turn into a smart-city testing site where the urban environment will prototype and demonstrate cutting-edge technology solutions.

This project is significant both for Latvian society and for the Latvian economy

Currently, technology companies in the VEF district produce 43% of the entire annual IT exports of Latvia, paying approx EUR 85 million in taxes. As the project develops, the VEF district will grow into a modern and innovative urban zone with a beneficial environment for developing culture and education. At the same time, the project will work to facilitate exportable innovations and promote joint efforts between the private and public sectors in developing modern solutions.

Our advice and team

Sorainen Latvia team advised the client on legal aspects to be taken into account while testing smart solutions ‒ drones, delivery robots, smart road signs and road marks ‒ in the urban environment. We researched comparable foreign experience, Latvian legal requirements, and the further course of action to establish the territory.

The team consisted of partner Ieva Andersone with senior associate Andris Tauriņš, associates Linda Reneslāce and Jūlija Terjuhana, as well as legal assistant Gunvaldis Leitens.