In 1995, Aku Sorainen established our law firm with the first office in Tallinn, Estonia. In 1997, we started our journey in Latvia, establishing Sorainen Latvian office with only three people.

Over the past 3 years, we have onboarded more than 40 new team members in Latvia. Today, we can announce that Sorainen Latvia has welcomed our 100th member! We have reached the magic 100 and we are so proud of it!

This milestone proves that we are unstoppable on our way of continuous development, innovation and collaboration to find yet better ways to help our clients to succeed and yet better ways to help growing the prosperity of our country. Thank you, team, clients and cooperation partners, for being with us, trusting us all these years, and helping the firm and people grow! We keep an open heart to feedback, ideas, creative and even radical suggestions to promote our further evolution” commented Eva Berlaus, country managing partner of Sorainen Latvia.

We kicked off our new era of a team of 100 with a cake, drinks and a bubbly gathering!

Sorainen Latvia has reached a total of 100 employees with Egija Linda Nežborte as practise group coordinator for our Tax and Real Estate & Construction groups. We are happy to have a new talent on board!


A few words from Egija

What helped you to decide that Sorainen is the perfect workplace for you?

Sorainen is a prestige company for ambitious people and that’s the environment I want to surround myself with. For all the great work that the people of Sorainen have done, there were no doubts in me wanting to be a part of one of the best companies in the Baltics.

Can you describe your emotions of your first working day?

Excited and scared at the same time.