We successfully represented the client during an investment contract dispute as a result of which the acquisition of real estate was financed and the conditions of return on investment were agreed.

Finding a compromise

The contract parties had different views on the terms and conditions of return on the investment and on the impact of renegotiating the terms and conditions of return on the old investment contract. The main issue in the dispute was different understandings on the part of the parties about the investment contract, as well as the impact of negotiations related to the new transaction on the investment contract already entered into and the mutual rights and obligations arising therefore. In order to ascertain the will of the parties, the legal representatives of the companies that had entered into the investment contract were heard in a court session, as a result of which the parties reached a compromise and the dispute ended.

Our services and client team

We represented the client in all legal matters related to the dispute, including during the court dispute before Harju County Court.

The client team included the head of our Estonian insolvency and restructuring workstream, Mari Agarmaa, with the help of assistant lawyer Maarika Maripuu.