Aušra Kunčiuvienė






About me

I am an associate with the firm’s Finance & Insurance team, specialising in insurance law.

Professional highlights

Experience in claims administration and insurance litigation. Before joining Sorainen, I worked as a lawyer for an insurance company for the last ten years. I have extensive experience regulating complex claims, particularly in various civil liability claims (general civil liability, professional civil liability, civil liability for construction works, etc.). I also have extensive experience representing insurance disputes before the courts.

Knowledge in the insurance sector. Many years of experience in the insurance sector have laid a solid foundation in the specifics of the insurance market in general, as well as in its regulatory aspects and insurance products. This experience is precious when advising clients and analysing the compliance of their ongoing (or planned) activities with legal requirements, the scope of insurance coverage, and the terms and conditions of insurance contracts and regulations.

Academic background

  • Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA in Law)