We successfully submitted a civil claim for damages on behalf of the victims of the Lihula shooting incident, in which two persons were killed and several persons were injured.

Rare instance in Estonia

On June 6th 2020, a 32-year-old man fired shots at strangers, killing two and injuring three, in Lihula, Pärnu County, Estonia. We submitted civil claims for damages on behalf of the family of victims who were in a car that the man shot at, killing one of the passengers and injuring three more people, including two young children.

The incident left the entire country shocked and was widely covered by various news outlets, as shootings are rare in Estonia.

Record compensation

On May 20, the court ruled that all civil claims will be satisfied in full. The accused person did not contest the claims. The total amount of compensation was close to EUR 300 000, which is a significantly higher sum than the average compensation amounts in previous similar cases.

Our client team

The victims were assisted in this matter pro bono by our partner Kaupo Lepasepp and associate Mari Haamer, supported by legal assistant Hanna-Elise Rähni.