Tallinn City mayor Taavi Aas has formed a working group tasked with developing an anti-corruption strategy for the city.

The Sorainen white-collar investigation team, consisting of counsel Norman Aas, partner Carri Ginter and associate Merika Nimmo, has been invited by Tallinn City government to participate in the working group as external advisor. The Sorainen team is well-equipped and experienced to assist Tallinn City in compiling their anti-corruption strategy, especially bearing in mind that Norman Aas was Estonia’s Prosecutor General for 9 years, that Merika Nimmo has been a district prosecutor, and that Carri Ginter acted as interim manager of the Estonian state-owned company Port of Tallinn, helping the company to combat corruption.

Says Norman Aas: “Addressing the consequences and processing criminal offences is not enough to combat corruption in local government. Local authorities themselves must take action to minimise the risk of corruption and establish an ethical workplace culture. Taxpayers have the right to believe that local authorities take all measures within their power to prevent corruption and ensure lawful administration. Fighting corruption fosters economic freedom and helps businesses to prosper.”

The working group established by Tallinn City and led by office head Tiit Sepp consists of internal audit service specialists and representatives of the City’s enterprise and property departments. The working group is tasked with drafting an anti-corruption strategy plan and submitting it to the Tallinn City government by December this year at the latest.