The World Bank, an international financial institution, once again asked for our assistance with its
Doing Business project.

Aiming to better understand

Our lawyers from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania contributed to the Doing
Business study that helps to better understand and compare business regulation environments across economies and over time.

These studies include:
– WB Doing Business 2022 (Estonia)
– WB Doing Business 2022: Enforcing Contracts (Latvia and Estonia)
– Women, Business and the Law (Lithuania and Estonia)

The latter of the three studies, that uncover a subject, which not too long ago in many ways was still a sleeping giant, woken recently by COVID-19, showed promising results last year of how the governments have responded to women’s unique needs in the business environment throughout the pandemic. Yet, the study still showed that on average, women have just three-quarters of the legal rights afforded to men. It will be interesting to see, if and how the situation has improved in the last year.

While waiting for the Doing Business 2022 to be published, you are welcome to learn more about the methodology and questionnaires for Doing Business 2020 here.

Our team

WB Doing Business 2022 (Estonia):  partner Karin Madisson, senior associate Robin Teever and associate Kadri Puu.

WB Doing Business 2022: Enforcing Contracts (Latvia and Estonia): partner Valts Nerets, associates Liisa-Maria Puur and Elvis Grinberg, and assistant lawyers Jelizaveta Lazonen and Krista Niklase.

Women, Business and the Law (Lithuania and Estonia): counsel Pirkko-Liis Harkmaa, senior associate Aurelija Daubaraite and assistant lawyers Izabele Petrikaite and Hanna-Elise Rähni.