About me

I am a member of our Dispute Resolution & Risk Management practice group since 2017. I have experience in several fields of law, such as commercial transactions, insolvencies, torts, and criminal matters. Still, my main interest lies in arbitration disputes. I respect people’s sincerity and genuineness. I strive to think strategically and create success out of a mess.

Professional highlights

International arbitration. I am a member of the firm’s team working on international arbitration. My Master’s thesis focused on the annulment of arbitration awards. Having worked through the confidential case law while writing my thesis I have gained insight and in-depth knowledge of arbitration cornerstones.

Practical experience. I did two successful internships at the circuit court during my studies. This notably deepened my knowledge of procedural laws.

Contributing to alma mater. I have joined the University of Tartu as a supervisor of practical seminars for a subject of the general law of obligations.

Academic background

  • University of Tartu (MA in law)
  • University of Leiden, International arbitration (web course)
  • University of Tartu (BA in law)

I am a member of

  • Estonian Bar Association
  • Estonian Arbitration Association (founding member)


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