We advised an Estonian deep tech company, Gearbox Biosciences, on raising EUR 380,000. The investment round was led by Specialist VC and UniTartu Ventures. With the funding secured, the company plans to further develop their protein production technology so that customers can use it in small-scale production.

Novel antibiotic-free protein production

Gearbox Biosciences, a startup company that grew out of a scientific research project, is developing a novel technology that enables the production of proteins using industrial biotechnology, without the use of antibiotics. The company thus helps reduce the use of antibiotics outside medicine and alleviates the risk of spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The company’s technology can be used to produce, for example, the diabetes drug insulin. This cannot be done without live cells, which usually involves using large quantities of antibiotics. The new approach, however, makes it possible to dispense with antibiotics and increase production efficiency.

“We believe that Gearbox Biosciences is one of the most capable early-stage companies in the field of deep technology in Estonia. We were drawn by the strong team of founders, long-term research background and the steps taken towards the commercialisation of the technology,” said Riivo Anton, co-founder and fund manager of Specialist VC. “In addition to the patent applications filed, the company has issued a licence for its technology to its first customer.”

Our services and client team

We advised Gearbox Sciences on all legal matters related to the investment. Our client team was led by senior associate Mirell Prosa and supported by partner Toomas Prangli, and associates Kadri Puu and Vladislav Leiri.