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As a senior associate with the Competition & Regulatory practice group in Estonia, my main fields of expertise are information technology and data protection, as well as transport and maritime law. I advise clients on a wide range of legal issues from regulatory requirements to contracts, and everything in between. As a technology lawyer, my everyday work is interdisciplinary and closely connected with many other practice areas. Happy clients make me happy. I head the Transport & Logistics sector group in Estonia.

Professional highlights

Data protection matters. I regularly advise clients on personal data protection matters, carry out data processing audits and help draft documents needed to comply with legal requirements. Also handling cases related to public sector data, I drafted the legal analysis for implementation of the Estonian state cloud project, which focused on storage of the significant amount of data processed by the state.

Trade moving online. With a substantial part of trade and services online and contracting carried out via electronic means, I advise clients on issues related to contracting online and regulatory aspects.

Media and entertainment. I advise clients operating in the media sector and the world of entertainment, including gambling, travel and television. Some of these sectors are heavily regulated, imposing a variety of legal obligations on clients.

Transport – connected and traditional. The modern world is creating an increasing amount of legal challenges to the mobility and transport sector, and tackling these issues needs combined knowledge of both transport and IT law. I have regularly advised automotive, aviation and railway clients in their traditional legal matters as well as issues related to new technologies, or IT companies who provide services to their clients in the transport sector.

Maritime law. In one of the more conservative branches of law, I advise clients who own, charter or buy ships or are otherwise engaged in the maritime sector, and assist and represent clients in registration procedures before the authorities so their ships can fly the Estonian flag.

Academic background

  • University of Geneva, Switzerland (course in internet law)
  • City Law School, City University London (course in maritime law)
  • University of Helsinki, Finland (MA in International and Comparative Law)
  • University of Tartu, Estonia (BA in Government and Politics)
  • University of Tartu, Estonia (BA in Law)

I am a member of

Estonian Bar Association

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