As a part of our Shared Mission program, we advised Antegenes, an Estonian health tech startup on a pro bono basis.

Our advice

We conducted a legal analysis for Antegenes, an innovative cancer prevention genetic testing provider, which shed light on the company’s ability to offer its services across borders.

For example, the question has been raised as to whether and under what conditions the other Member States may restrict the cross-border supply of genetic testing. We also analyzed issues related to the protection of personal data. By now, Antegenes has already expanded into the UK market.

Antegenes participated in our 2021 Shared Mission program, which provided EUR 100,000 worth of free legal advice for initiatives aimed at doing good in local and global communities in any innovative way.


Antegenes is an innovation-oriented Estonian medical technology company founded in 2018, the first in Estonia to introduce genetic tests to assess the risk of developing common cancers. The company’s mission is to achieve better health and longer lives for people by helping individuals, healthcare professionals and health organizations use genetic information for personal and public health purposes.

Our team

Our client team included partner Mihkel Miidla, senior associate Lise-Lotte Lääne, and associate Liisa Kuuskmaa.