We advised Linnar Viik, an IT visionary and promoter of the Tiger Leap, on establishing the POCO Foundation, the first pop and contemporary art museum in Estonia with a collection unique in Scandinavia.

Internationally renowned artists

The 2,000-square-meter exhibition space in the Rotermann Quarter juxtaposes the history of contemporary Estonian art with the works of internationally renowned artists and contains approximately 300 of the iconic contemporary art pieces in the world. The collection of the art museum, opened with the help of Sorainen, includes works of Andy Warhol, Banksy, Koons, Lichtenstein and many other highly esteemed grandmasters of global pop art.

The exhibition brings together artists and themes from different eras, places and histories to illuminate the different approaches to pop art and the web of references and icons that it generates. Pieces range from the height of the pop-art movement in New York to the underground art in the USSR, from the streets of Bristol to the global digital commons of today. The exposition guides the viewer to read and decrypt the symbolic code of the everyday.

Passion for art

Linnar Viik’s art collection began to grow in the 1980s, with a more serious collection emerging in the 1990s, following the opening of the borders. The museum also houses the first internationally renowned work in the Viik collection, a water-damaged Warhol. Viik is known as a successful IT visionary and entrepreneur, and he has an ambitious plan to make this the biggest pop art museum in the region.

Our services and client team

In addition to helping the client with the establishment process, we assisted POCO with general contractual work.

Our client team was led by counsel Kärt Anna Maire Kelder and also included partner Karin Madisson and associates Helery Maidlas and Vladislav Leiri.