We contributed to the “I, Lawyer – Innovation Lawyer” project “2021 Global Legal Briefing: Art & Law Insights” in collaboration with the law firm Zaglio Orizio e Associati, as well as other law firms.

About the project

The project “I, Lawyer – Innovation Lawyer” was launched with the aim of enhancing the sharing of knowledge and goals. As the result, the “2021 Global Legal Briefing: Art & Law Insights” was created, which consists of analysis of market trends and some of the most important and stimulating new developments in the sector by leading players in the art world, as well as in-depth legal briefs for 23 jurisdictions.

We provided legal briefs on the jurisdictions of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, covering various legal issues of legislation, contracts, copyright, litigation, international trade, new technologies, management of art collections and taxation regarding the art market. You can find the “2021 Global Legal Briefing: Art & Law Insights” here.

Our Team

Lawyers from the Sorainen Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian offices took part in this pro bono project. Our team consisted of partner Ieva Andersone; counsels Kärt Anna Maire Kelder and Stasys Drazdauskas; senior associates Linda Reneslāce and Olivia Kranich; and legal assistants Kristiāns Dzerkaļs, Lūcija Strauta, Patrīcija Anna Vavilova, Roberta Mark, Aušrinė Dambrauskaitė, Nojus Jašmontas and Iveta Mikailionytė.