How stock options are taxed in various European countries and how to manage international workforces? Learn all about it from a webinar, delivered by tax expert Kaido Künnapas, partner of Sorainen, and Elo Madiste, Global Tax Expert at Salto X.

If you are interested in specific topics, click on the relevant timestamps below:

03:38 What is an employee share option?

08:44 Types of equity and equity-like incentives

12:25 Lifecycle of stock options

22:16 Taxation of stock options in Estonia

28:38 Taxation of stock options in Lithuania

31:10 Taxation of stock options in Latvia

33:22 Taxation of stock options in the U.S.

37:24 More examples of countries

43:40 What to keep in mind

48:25 Cross-border work and share options

50:32 Main rules to remember

53:53 Situation No. 1

54:50 Situation No. 2

57:10 Q&A

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