We prepared a set of documents for the Latvian sports-tech startup EchoSports related to developing a cloud-based solution that maintains athletic performance metrics from live or archive sports events.

In 2021, EchoSports participated in our Shared Mission program, which provided EUR 100,000 worth of free legal advice to companies and initiatives that aim to do good in local and global communities in an innovative way.

Technology meets sports

EchoSports is a team athlete performance and load monitoring solution. Load limits can be set for specific athletes during the recovery phase, gradually returning retaining injured athletes to top form and providing automated video recording of the training process or games. The EchoSports system digitalises player movement and within a second informs coaching staff of player positioning, pace, speed, distance travelled, time elapsed on the field and heart rate, as well as tactical analysis and quick player comparison

Our client team

EchoSports was advised by our partner Ieva Andersone and associate Jūlija Terjuhana.